Foster Mother Melisa Page-Baille
and her adopted foster children.

An excited Gabe tells Bill Wilson & Don Wilford to look look at his room first.

Although Builders Care comes to the rescue of seniors and the disabled, they also aid those who are also helping rescue others, like Melisa Page-Bailie. Melisa is an outstanding individual with a beautiful soul and has a very special love for fostering children coming from troubled situations. She has personally fostered over two hundred children since becoming a foster mother, even adopting several of them.

However, Melisa was having serious challenges trying to care for
a family of 10 in a one hundred year old home in desperate need of
repair. When Bill Wilson introduced this amazing family to his friend Don Wilford of ICI Homes, they both knew right away they wanted to help Melisa continue her ministry of helping kids in need. And because of the good work of Builders Care, the lives of that special family changed forever .


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